Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When can you tell the sex of kittens?

Being able to tell if a very young kitten is male or female can be difficult, even for veterinary professionals. A male’s testicles may not be evident until 6-10 weeks of age. The best way to determine the gender of a very young kitten is to look at the “ano-genital” distance - that is, the distance between the anal opening and the genital opening (vagina in females, penile opening in males). In females, the two openings are adjacent to each other; in males, the openings are further apart. Additionally, the openings look like a semi-colon in females (the anal opening is a dot, the vaginal opening a slit). In males, the openings look like a colon (both openings are dots). It is most helpful when examining a litter to be able to compare these areas between kittens of different genders.

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