Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When does shedding season for dogs begin and end?

Shedding is initiated by the length of daylight (i.e., photoperiod), not the temperature. Dogs that spend a lot of time outside will have a more pronounced shed cycle in the spring and fall than dogs that are predominantly indoors.
Also, there is a difference in shedding depending on the type of hair coat the dog has. In general, breeds that need haircuts tend to shed less than breeds that are not regularly clipped. Longhaired dogs do not tend to shed as much, with the exception of the longhaired northern breeds (e.g., Keeshond), which have a distinct shedding season. VetDepot carries a wide variety of products like FURminator deShedding Tools or Shed No More nutritional supplements that are designed to help control shedding in dogs.

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