Major Uses

Tiletamine (a dissociative anesthetic) and zolazepam (a benzodiazepine anxiolytic drug) are combined into a proprietary combination medication to function as a sedative and anesthetic when significant pain relief, muscle relaxation, and immobility are rapidly needed. The drug is useful during diagnostic and therapeutic interventions and during certain types of surgery. It is used in dogs and cats.

Tiletamine with zolazepam works rapidly following intramuscular injection, making it preferable to some other drugs. The combination is considered a controlled substance in some states.

Common Precautions

Intramuscular injection of tiletamine with zolazepam is painful. The drug may cause respiratory depression; careful monitoring is required. Abnormal heart rate, drooling, abnormal behavior, and other side effects are possible. Tiletamine with zolazepam is not for use in animals suffering from lung disease, severe heart disease, or kidney disease. Because it can cross the placenta and cause fetal depression, it is not to be used during cesarean sections.

Eye lubrication is needed during use of tiletamine with zolazepam to prevent the eyes from drying out; this drug, more than some others, causes the eyes to remain open and prevents blinking.

Tiletamine with zolazepam is known to interact with certain other medications and supplements, including narcotics, acepromazine, chloramphenicol, and diazepam. A veterinarian can check for interactions before use of this medication.

Tiletamine with zolazepam should not be used in animals with a known allergy or hypersensitivity to the drug. Overdose of the drug can be fatal and requires emergency care. Any known or suspected overdose should be reported to a veterinarian right away.


Tiletamine with zolazepam should be stored in the original packaging and away from children and animals.


Tiletamine with zolazepam is available as a powder. When reconstituted with 5 ml of sterile diluent, the anesthetic solution contains 50 mg/ml of each individual drug. In dogs, the typical dose of tiletamine with zolazepam is 3 to 6.5 mg/lb (6 to 13 mg/kg) IM, IV, or subcutaneously. Minor procedures require a lower dose than major surgeries. For minor procedures in cats, the dose for IM or subcutaneous administration is 5 to 6 mg/lb (10 to 12 mg/kg). The dose for IV administration is 1 to 2.5 mg/lb (2 to 5 mg/kg). Major surgery requires a higher dose. Tiletamine with zolazepam is generally administered as a single dose. Two doses of this medication should not be given at once.

Doses may vary in different species, when the drug is given by a different route or concurrently with other medications, and with regards to a patient's age, breed, and health status. A veterinarian's dosing instructions and/or those printed on the medication label should be followed closely.

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